Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pre-Retirement; Creating, Understanding, and Knowing.

There is a few things, obviously, that we need to think about before retiring. What do you think about retiring? Can you retire at an age you think you should? How about what it will take, financially to retire?
These and several other topics need your immediate attention! No matter what you believe, retiring takes planning. Severe planning. Hard answers need to be asked as well as answered. So let's jump in~ Now, it's never to early and never to late. It does however, need your attention.

These are just a few questions that
came to mind as I was looking into my life.

• Where are you in your planning stage?
• What do you want your retirement days to look like? i.e. how do you want to live etc.
• Are retirement calculators confusing, have you ever tried one?
• Have you visited a Broker?
• What's the right approach?
• Where do you think you should be?
• Are you worried about retirement?
• Do you have help or know where to look?
• What can this Blog answer for you?
• Where to start?
• Discussions with the Pro's.
• What should I be focused on, Social Security, Savings, VIP's, 401K, etc?
• Do you just feel to overwhelmed to even think about retirement?
• Can you sell every thing you have and Travel the world?
• Has anyone retired and traveled?
• How did you do it?

Sooner or Later we are all going to be retired~

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