Monday, December 28, 2009

Greetings~ Agian...

Merry Christmas and happy holiday's to you and your family. This is my second blog and I am excited to get it off the press.

Let's discuss Family; Have you thought during this holiday season about my 1st blog? Preretirement. Is that a word or an oxymoron, like Grease Lightning? Never the less I'm using preretirement for my Blog.

OK, Where are we pertaining to the topic of Income vs Outgoing? This question needs specific, detailed, in depth understanding. You can't just brush over it or think it's to overwhelming that will stop you before you get started.

Understanding income vs outgo is the 1st step to your plan, breakdown. Now I'm not about to open up my bank account and bills, and I wouldn't expect that from you. However, working together we can share plans, ideas, and helpful tips to assist each other in overcoming what we think might be a MAJOR burden to only find out it's Not.

What do think?
What type of plan do you have?
Give me your thoughts, suggestions, ideas.?

A couple simple questions that seem to be one of the biggest roadblock's. Plan, Plan, Plan. Let's get started.

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